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Using fresh pork belly and pink himalayan salt we present you with CRISPY and TENDER roasted pork right at your doorstep

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Sio Bak SG



Beautiful Food by Beautiful Chef

Chantel Lee was the winner in Mrs Singapore Worldwide in 2017. She took her family members and close friends by surpise with her revolutionary crispy yet tender Sio Bak. Chantel was encouraged to share it with all the Sio Bak lovers in Singapore. She took up the challenge and presently she has to manage her schedule between roasting sensational crispy Sio Bak and looking after her 5 beautiful children. 

Chantel 1

Our Signature Sio Bak

Crispy & Crunchy Skin You Can Hear

Freshness and Tenderness You Can Taste

Secret Spices You Can Smell

Unique Decorations You Can See


All orders are roasted and delivered on the same day

From $50(Por2 in Photo)

Same Same but different 

Por 2 is now BIGGER and MORE 

From $50 (Por2 In Photo)

This SioBak always got snatch up Fast! Grab now or tats it

From $50 (Por2 in Photo)

A gift to remember, a taste to savour, an eternity blessing of health for the highly respected senior

From $50(Por2 In Photo)

We only use freshiest pork (not frozen) and Pink Himalayan Salt


From $50 (Por2 In Photo)

Good dish to add on and compliment any feast on any special occassion or festive period


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These are what our customers feedback after trying our Signature Sio Bak

Fanelle Profile Pic

-Fanelle Chua

Fanelle Pic
"Wanna some Crispy Fabulous Sio Bak for your party? I got my Surprise Sio Bak customised BIRTHDAY CAKE! YOU won't believe it till you try it! CRISPY on the outside; TENDER on the inside!"
Jazreel Low 2

-Jazreel Low

Jazreel Low
"My dinner guests sang praises for Chantel Lee's Sio Bak, 👍!!"


msoinkee Pic2
"Supporting a fellow mummy who makes mouthwatering sio bak. Thank you @bak.sio Chantel for offering to send it to me as I was too busy to pick up the sio bak . . The sio bak was really good and you looked so good too despite being so busy with the kiddos . . P.S I ordered a kg of sio bak at S$40"

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